Dhukh unki berukhi ka Nahi tha..
Uski to adat si thi

Dukh to mohobbat kr k bhi na kr apne ka tha
Dukh to apni khuashiyon ka katal krne ka tha
Dukh to chaha Kar bhi pyaar Bhari batain Na keh pane ka tha
Dukh to khud ko unko layak Na samajhne ka tha


Kasam khuda ki, dukh unki berukhi ka Nahi tha
Dukh to khud se khud ki berukhi ka tha!


Us, almost!

Even today when I stumble on your picture on Facebook sometimes, I can’t help but wonder that what brought us together,

Was it the fate, circumstances or that bottle of wine in our systems? 


When your chat shows up on WhatsApp, I try and ignore but while checking your last seen, it does come to mind,

Were we capable of more meaningful conversations than just “when are you free?” or “I will tell when I get free.”?


I will not lie but yes!  I do take a detour at times to walk through your street, just to gaze at the place where we spent time together and  think,

Why could I not stay in there a little while longer every time and if I had, could this feel like home? 


Once in a blue moon, when we happen to cross paths, I intentionally look away and try not to look into your eyes, because if I will, a question will haunt me that,

What are you looking at me with, love, lust, regret or nothing at all?


And while thinking about you at night, with my heart filled with emotions, desperately trying to get over you, I talk to the tear rolling down my cheek, ‘

What were we?  Nothing? Friends? Us, almost? 


And that naive heart of mine asks

Why did it have to stop at ‘Almost’? Why couldn’t it get to ‘Us’?






She was sitting in his favourite café, with his favourite Pizza already ordered and day dreaming about the goodbye kiss they usually have when he drops her off. 

“Would like something to drink, Ma’am?” The waiter took her off guard as he interpreted abruptly into her romantic dream, seeing her empty glass. Her heart beat raised a tad but she managed to take a deep breath and reply – 

“Can I have another glass of Red wine please?” 

“Sure!” The waiter went his way to get her that wine. 


She went back to her day dreaming and waiting for his man of dream. Aneesh was already half an hour late which is usually not like him. Priya being herself, started overthinking and contemplating what may have gone wrong. 

“Am I stood up?” The voices in her head started making a shout 

“Probably he is just stuck in traffic.” She thinks with the slightest of a smile on her face. 

“Or he may be breaking up with me. Ohh no! Is he?” She starts to get anxious. 

Meanwhile, her glass of wine arrives and as she takes a sip, she feels slight breeze, like a breath of someone near her ear. She gets chill down her spine and Goosebumps all over her body. And suddenly there is a voice, that says – “BANG! and DEAD” 

Priya, with her heart racing like a horse and pearls of sweat all over her face turns back to see who is it and she is even more shocked to see that there is no one. She gets too numb to figure out what just happened and starts patting, and another moment, she hears another whisper “Hey, what sup?” 

Still in a state of shock, she turns back to the table to find Aneesh on the opposite chair. 

“What are you looking at?” – said Aneesh. 

“Never do that again. I got so scared” Priya said with a sigh of relief and a cocktail of emotions 

“Why are you so late? The pizza has gone cold. You could at least care to call once.” Priya went on and on with her complaints. 

“Woh! Woh! Woh! Relax, I told you that were all at Rahul’s for the game. We started having beer and lost the track of time. I still did my best with the car to reach here on time.” – Said Aneesh while he picked up a piece of the slightly warm Pizza. 

“You did it again. Drink and drive? Again?” – Priya certainly looked pretty upset. 

“Oh, the pizza is beautiful.” Aneesh relished the food and continued “But not as much as you look tonight.” He winked as said this.

Priya melted with his flirting and started drinking again. 

And the lovely couple had a good chat, with lip-smacking food and a scent of love in the air. 

As they were ready to leave, the waiter got the check and handed it over to Priya. She was a bit surprised as this was an act against the convention but she was so engrossed with her thoughts of that goodbye kiss and she paid the bill without a second thought. Anyway, they always go Dutch! 

As she was winding up her purse, she heard another whisper, very close to her ear “Let’s go and die?” and she was shaking. 

As she looked up and found no one, again. She hustled to look around and there was Aneesh saying “Let’s go? What happened?” 

“Did you whisper something…?” Priya was still in shock. 

“What whisper? I said, ‘Let’s go?’ How many drinks have you had already?” Aneesh said as they started walking out of the café towards their car. 

Aneesh held Priya by her waist and at the gate, the guard greeted, ‘Thank You Ma’am’ and she felt that he ignored Aneesh as if he wasn’t even there. 

As they sat in the car, Priya said – “I think I have had a little too much wine tonight. Something weird is happening.” 

“You want to stay over at my place tonight?” – Aneesh offered. “Why am I even asking, let’s go to my place.” 

She looked at him, with love filled in her eyes and smiled. As they drove, she dozed off and next moment, she heard a whisper again “Death’s here.” She suddenly woke up to find Aneesh right on her face and saying “It’s here. Home is here!” 

“Yeah!” – said Priya and they moved out of the car. 

As they walk up to Aneesh’s home, she blushed a little as the thought of the goodbye kiss crossed her mind. 

“I think I lost my keys.” Said Aneesh as he looked for his keys. “You have a spare one in your purse I hope.” 

“Yes! I will open.” – Priya said as she found the keys. 

They entered the home and it was dark. Priya heard her phone ringing. She reached into her purse to receive it and meanwhile, it disconnected. 

“30 missed calls from Rahul! Oh my god! What’s wrong?” Priya started panicking and while she was at it, she felt Aneesh arms around her waist and his lips on her neck. 

“Let me call him back, it may be something important!” Priya said while smiling and feeling great about the night of passion they were starting. 

But Aneesh didn’t stop and without saying a word, he kissed Priya tenderly! Priya also gave in and started kissing Aneesh passionately! Afterall, it’s the Goodbye kiss she has been dreaming about the entire evening. 

They both were deep into it when Priya’s phone rang again. It was Rahul again. 

Priya pushes Aneesh away and said “I think this is urgent. I will take it” and she rushed grab her phone! 

“Hello!” – said Priya 

“Where are you Priya?” Said a restless voice on the other side of the phone. 

“What happened Rahul? Are you okay?” – Priya confirmed 

“Okay! I want you to sit down for this.” 

“Why? What’s wrong?” Priya was now scared 

“Aneesh was in an accident. His car banged a truck. He died on the spot” – the weeping voice said 

In that moment, Priya felt sweat all over her body. 

The phone dropped off her phone and she turned to look for Aneesh. And to her surprise, he wasn’t there. She started breathing heavily. She lost her ability to think or speak. And suddenly, she hears a whisper in her ear – “I told you ‘BANG AND DEAD’! Now let’s die, shall we?” 

And she turned around and standing there was Aneesh, scared and bleeding with a blue, cold body!

The song of Dawn

Let’s meet at the break of dawn!
When the day and night romance as I wish we did! When the world is asleep but we can be awake, gazing at each other!

Let’s meet at the break of dawn! When the moon’s love for sun is as pure as mine for you! When the darkness welcomes light with open arms as I wish you do!

Let’s meet at the break of dawn! When I could just be me, as the sky does. And touch you as the mountains touch the sky! When there could exist a world, where you can love me as I love you!

Let’s meet at the break of dawn

The Autumn of Life

Don’t you love self-destruction. Like you love the Autumn.

Everything falling apart and yet it is a beautiful sight.

And unlike autumn, we do it everyday. 

To put yourself to pain until it gets numb. 

To feel the pain of something so much that nothing else can compete it. 

There is a happiness, a sense of satisfaction to hurt yourself and cry over it. 

As bad as it sound, it is fulfilling. 

The Autumn of Life
The Autumn of Life

No, don’t take me wrong. By self-destruction I don’t mean to physically hurt yourself. 

I don’t mean to cut yourself in the places it hurts the most. 

Nor do I mean to drink until you zone out or smoke to death. 

Self-destruction is way different than self-harm.

It’s better and it’s worse. 

When you type and delete and re-type and delete that one text message over and over again, you are doing enough of self-destruction. 

When you build a high and hard wall all around you, that no one is allowed to peep through, the destruction is done. 

When you refuse to fall in love or when you fall in love too much and too deep, it is destruction. 

When you don’t say what you feel or you don’t feel what you say. When there is a shiny smile on that dull face. 

And, when hurt others just to not get hurt yourself, you are destructed. 

When you just cry yourself to sleep when you know you can talk to them. 

And smile when it is absolutely okay to cry, baby, that is self-destruction 

It’s all self-destructive and painful. But isn’t the pain beautiful? 

Just like the Autumn is beautiful?