Us, almost!

Even today when I stumble on your picture on Facebook sometimes, I can’t help but wonder that what brought us together,

Was it the fate, circumstances or that bottle of wine in our systems? 


When your chat shows up on WhatsApp, I try and ignore but while checking your last seen, it does come to mind,

Were we capable of more meaningful conversations than just “when are you free?” or “I will tell when I get free.”?


I will not lie but yes!  I do take a detour at times to walk through your street, just to gaze at the place where we spent time together and  think,

Why could I not stay in there a little while longer every time and if I had, could this feel like home? 


Once in a blue moon, when we happen to cross paths, I intentionally look away and try not to look into your eyes, because if I will, a question will haunt me that,

What are you looking at me with, love, lust, regret or nothing at all?


And while thinking about you at night, with my heart filled with emotions, desperately trying to get over you, I talk to the tear rolling down my cheek, ‘

What were we?  Nothing? Friends? Us, almost? 


And that naive heart of mine asks

Why did it have to stop at ‘Almost’? Why couldn’t it get to ‘Us’?






The song of Dawn

Let’s meet at the break of dawn!
When the day and night romance as I wish we did! When the world is asleep but we can be awake, gazing at each other!

Let’s meet at the break of dawn! When the moon’s love for sun is as pure as mine for you! When the darkness welcomes light with open arms as I wish you do!

Let’s meet at the break of dawn! When I could just be me, as the sky does. And touch you as the mountains touch the sky! When there could exist a world, where you can love me as I love you!

Let’s meet at the break of dawn