A friend in need is a friend indeed

Amongst all the lessons taught to me as a child, I lived by a few truly. One of them was “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

I always tried and push my boundaries to help a friend. Made myself available, in every aspect, whenever someone is in need. I was rewarded by a bunch of great loving friends. Life always seemed sorted and exciting with such great people to hang out with.

After fiddling between a lot of things in life, I finally had my dream for a startup. As excited as I was to have my own little baby and grow it into a great success, capital was a major issue yet to be looked after.

I had a decent amount of saving that, if added with some loan, would have given a kick start to my venture. The only issue was that most of this saving was loaned out to friends in need, who promised to pay back as soon as they can. Since all of them were close friends, I didn’t shy away to ask for my money back. I knew nobody would say no. After all it was my dream and they all supported me nicely.

To my surprise, none of my friends helped me when I knocked their doors. I got all the weird reasons like ‘There is a major crisis at work and I can’t pay you back.’ Or ‘You should have asked for it last week, I just bought a new phone.’ So and so forth. I was bankrupt when life chose to teach me the lesson about how the childhood lessons made sense only in childhood. And this moment, changed all my perceptions about life, friendship and money, forever.

Shattered and cribbing, I took a little time to sync in the biggest lesson life had ever thrown at me. I pulled myself together and gathered the dedication and energy to start the journey towards building my empire.

I took a loan from the bank, withdrew all the little money I had in bank, sold the jewellery that women in the house had and started up. I am not proud of using the money that didn’t really belong to me but I was assured that I didn’t go week and begged for money outside the four walls of my home.

Few months down the line, I had a startup, biggest in its own space, up and running.


The story is based on the real life incident of a successful serial entrepreneur. 

As a writer, I always try to churn out fiction from the living stories around me. Every story has a hidden reality of its own. But we never, and that’s the worst part about weiters, acknowledge the reality and appreciate the person who lived the story we just curated into words. But wouldn’t reading a person not be much more beautiful than reading a story?  Therefore, I want to initiate a small campaign where people can share their real life experience and help themselves to get out of their system and others to take a lesson from it. The above story is first out of many to come. 


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